Clear is not like alcohol, limonene, or acetone based cleaners. It is not a chemical solvent. Because it is food-based and organic, Clear needs to be heated up to perform optimally. It will not work optimally if it is colder than room temperature. Below are instructions to get the best performance from Clear. You can heat and cool the solution as many times as you like. The heating and cooling process will not break it down. Always remember to store it in a sealed container to avoid evaporation. Always check with the manufacturer to make sure the surface you are cleaning is safe to be cleaned with Clear prior to use. Clear is safe for Titanium, Acrylic, Ceramic, Glass, and Quartz surfaces

Soaking Directions:

*Pour Clear directly into the vessel you wish to clean, making sure to seal any holes to prevent leakage. For smaller pieces fill up a sealable, microwavable container to soak them in, or heat clear in a saucepan on stovetop.
*Leave item soaking until surface is free of sticky residue. You may assist cleaning with a pipe cleaner or cotton swab. In some cases agitation is necessary after soaking to get into corners plugged with residue. *Carefully shake vessel when full of solution to break down thicker, hard to reach sticky residue if necessary.
*Pour cleaner out of vessel and quickly rinse with hot/warm water to remove any resin/ residue left behind. Repeat this process if necessary.
*Some thicker carbon build up from high heat applications may need to be rubbed with a cotton swab or pipe cleaner to be removed after soaking on high heat accessories. When cleaning quartz accessories you will need to wipe out the built up carbon after soaking.

Microwave Heating Directions:

*Remove solution from bottle first! Bottle is not microwavable.
*Pour contents into a microwavable dish and heat on high for 1 to 2 minutes or until warm. Be careful it could be hot! If you are cleaning quartz you will want it hot.
*Place quartz item into warm bath of hot solution and watch it work instantly.
If you heat Clear up past 100 degrees F, take care to wear hand protection, such as an oven mitt or similar item, as you would when touching anything hot.

Quartz Accessory Care Directions:

*After using your quartz piece, while quartz is still warm, use a cotton swab soaked with Clear to wipe out any stubborn residues. An alternative method with our 30ml Clear Drops polishing drops is to simply add a few drops between uses, wiping with a cotton swab to clean up residue. This process works best if the
quartz is warm.
*Soaking quartz pieces over night when not in use is a great way to keep them clean.

Water additive Directions:

*Add a few drops of Clear to your water chamber to help resin from building up. If you see bubbles you have added too much. By adding a few drops, you’ll make cleaning day a breeze! Note: Water may turn cloudy when Clear is added. This is normal. It does not need to be changed when this happens. Water turning cloudy shows that Clear is working properly.

Reclaim Collection Directions:

*To collect the built up sticky residue during cleaning is easy. Simply pour the solution out of your dirty glass piece through a filter of your choice (coffee filter works best in our opinion). Once your filter has collected all the left over residues you can rinse it under the tap to remove any remains of the cleaning solution. No purging is required! Our solution is safe to eat and the residue it collects from dirty glass is ready to use in whatever application you deem worthy, straight off the filter.

Calcium Stain Removal:

*To remove calcium stains on glass you must use the solution hot, leaving the solution soaking in the affected item may also be required. After rinsing or soaking the item with hot solution, some agitation may be required to fully remove the stain. We recommend a hand full of salt and some hot water. After removing the cleaning solution from your stained piece, simply add salt and hot water. Shake the mixture around the stained area, then rinse and repeat if the stain remains. Not all calcium stains are removable.